no offense bt why is magneto , a jewish man , listed as being in the crowd here

I agree… He wouldn’t be there to support him…

(He might be there to burn shit down tho).

Wait Magneto is Jewish?

Yep. Google it.

I’m pretty sure he’s there to take down the stadium. He’s waiting for the opportune moment is all.

Also the Joker has fought Red Skull, a Nazi. He would not be there not next to Red Skull or with Trump. The Joker may be terrible but he’s an AMERICAN villain. 

I don’t think Hannibal Lecter would be there either. His sister was murdered and eaten by Nazi’s, and he often targeted people like Trump as his victims. If you read the books, he hates and targets people he thinks of as morally pugnacious. He also targeted people with bad manners. 

i think that’s exactly why dr. lecter is there

Tfw fiction villains have more standards then the president-elect 

Half of these villains, their worst crime is being a buncha megalomaniacs. They might be power hungry, but are otherwise equal-opportunity employers.

Which automatically makes them morally superior to Trump, who is a megalomaniac AND racist/sexist/elitist bastard, among other things.

Also Darth Vader was literally born a slave why is he there?

It sounds like all of the villains are trying to blend in and seem villainish, but in secret they are all waiting for the opportune moment to take down Drumpf. 

In other words, that awkward moment when even supervillains think you’re too much.


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