Guess who has two thumbs, knows limited French and finally got herself Overwatch ???
This chienne!!!

So obviously I had to make fanart but since I’m such miraculous trash, this was made

An overwatch au

Chloé modeled after Widowmaker
– Same set of skills and abilities, except instead of a poison trap, she let’s loose little explosives in the shape of a beyblade (lol)

Marinette modeled after D.Va
– same abilities and skills except her suite can set up a field that can boost her & her allies health, also instead of a gun, she has a grappling hook when she’s out of the mecha

Alya modeled after Sombra
– I haven’t really played as her yet but it seemed fitting. Hacking, teleporting and invisibility… I’d just like to add it holograms in there for distractions

Tbh I know Chloé’s and Alya’s costume colors wouldn’t be practical considering they’re supposed to blend with the darkness but Miraculous (amiright)


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